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Mini Kantha Stocking

Mini Kantha Stocking

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Supporting Victims of Domestic Violence

These mini fun sized stockings are the perfect mini me to our full size Kantha Stockings! Perfect for gift cards or cash gifts. They are the perfect size to replace a gift bag for Christmas gifts for friends and family, or as a mini stocking for smaller spaces. Each one is unique and one of a kind and your family will love picking out their own kantha stocking. Measurements: 10 Inches Material: Recycled Saree Fabric Care Instructions: Spot clean Your purchase makes an impact Your beautiful hand stitched Kantha Stocking went through the hands of 3 different women and provides approximately 4 hours of work!

The Asha Project, Inc. believes in the existence and provision of culturally specific methods to better address the elimination of gender-based violence and the sexual exploitation of women and children in African American communities. Our belief is that in order to adequately address family and intimate partner violence and promote healthy living, we must address the truths of historical and daily life trauma experiences of the community. Further, we believe that we must simultaneously confront intersecting socioeconomic and other factors that contribute to or aggravate violence and abuse between intimates, in homes and in the community.

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